If you’ve been charged with a traffic offense or a criminal charge, an experienced attorney can help ease your mind and protect your liberty.  At Lauer Law, we will take a formalized approach to your criminal case.  When there is a lot at stake, every step is important.

The first step starts before you even contact Lauer Law.  In everything we do, we seek to strengthen our professional reputation, as a firm that prepares for every case and takes every case seriously.  When judges and prosecutors know that your attorney will work hard to get you the best result possible, whether through negotiating a reduced charge or through trial, success more often follows.

Next, once you contact us, we work to gain a complete understanding of your case by talking to you, looking at any information available from the police or prosecution, and interviewing other witnesses.  Knowledge is power, and we strive to never overlook and detail in your case that may be important.

After we have all of the information, we develop an approach suited to your case.  Perhaps there is a fatal defect in the prosecution’s case and we advise you to go to trial if we can’t convince them to dismiss the charge.  Perhaps the best approach will be seeking a reduced charge.  Whatever the case, we will tailor our steps to what you decide is best, after considering our advice.

Contact us today and we will set up a free, no obligation telephone conference to discuss your case with an attorney.